Complaints or Suggestions

If you wish to make a complaint or a suggestion regarding the Company, the Website, or the services offered, as a first step you should contact our Customer Services or send us an email through

As the second step, the complaint shall be assigned to an advisor that will manage to provide you with the appropriate response. Save as suggested below, should the complaint not be resolved as expected by you, a response shall be provided to you through internal message or email by the Customer Service Advisor who will report the final decision to you.

All claims and suggestions should be forwarded to the Customer Service in written form via internal message, or e-mail. No complaints with regard to the acceptance, settlement, or resettlement of a bet will be heard by us if they are not raised through our Customer Services within 30 days from the event occurrence which the bet related to occurred.

Offensive or rude language, as well as malicious or damaging comments, will not be tolerated while contacting our staff or while discussing our products and services in any media, social network, or forum. Any infringement of this policy will result in a suspension of the Account or in every additional action as may be required in order to ensure compliance.