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We are one of the leading sports betting companies in Nigeria aiming to provide a world-class, streamlined, and hassle-free betting experience to the people of Nigeria...It is a grand opportunity for you and all those people who are passionate about trying their hands in betting in the best way possible. Moreover, it is a combination of unlimited entertainment as well as an easy and great way to earn loads of money. Whether you are a regular worker or a freelancer, the best online betting in Nigeria provided by Booster99 is a great source of super fun and income.

What does Booster99 have for you?

Booster99 offers a wide range of betting services for you on all that you love and which provides you entertainment. It includes sports like Football, Cricket, Tennis, and Basketball which are everyone’s favourite sport. Now Booster99 gives the chance not only to watch your favourite sport but earn by placing bets. What’s more, you are in for more with betting opportunity on Live Sports, Virtual Games and Casino Games too. Exciting isn’t? Take the leap and register with us today!

What makes us one of the best betting sites in Nigeria?

There are many online betting sites who promise a lot many things. But beware not all of them are real. Many times, due to various unethical means and web security compromises you can lose your hard-earned money to hackers and anti-social elements.

With Booster99, you are choosing one of the most secured online betting sites in Nigeria. This is made possible with advanced and cutting edge technology like SSL with firewalls. The website also offers high uptime, high traffic volumes, and complete transparency to all the betting participants. Complete assurance is provided with payment methods and winning bet amounts. There is a dedicated customer support available all the time for your help as well.

The simple, easy to use and intuitive user interface of the site is a stand out when compared to other betting websites online. Of course we are consistently working out to make your interaction more pleasant.

We encourage responsible gaming!

We would like to reiterate that Booster99 is for those who want to relax, engage in something truly exhilarating and earn lots of money. With betting services, there are equal chances of people winning or losing. Therefore, we highly encourage responsible gaming and please do not use Booster99 for any other means. Be responsible and enjoy maximum!

Why you should join Booster99?

The reasons can be many as to why you should join Booster99. Are you someone who easily predicts the results of a game? Is your sixth sense so sharp that you know instinctively what will happen in the next moment in a game? If the answer is yes, you should certainly join Booster99. Also, if you are trying to make some easy bucks, you can try online betting and earn a large amount of money. Else, it is totally fun and entertainment for many that drives them to join the exciting, amazing and thrilling game of betting.

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